Pride in Place – The Winners of the 2019 Photographic Competition

We received a number of high quality entries for our 2019 photo competition titled Pride in Place. Below is a selection of the entries:

1st Prize over 18: Paxton’s Tower by Ryan Morris

2nd Prize over 18: St Teilo’s Church Tower by Claire Alexander

3rd Prize over 18: Over the Mossy Fence by Virginia Scott

1st Prize under 18: Over the Rooftops by Isabelle Ellison

Almost Fifteen Centuries by Therese-Liise Aasma

The Day after the Snow by Brian Parry

Cattle Grazing – Towy River by Siwla Virago

A Crisp Picnic in Crescent Road by Angela Adams-Rice

Carreg Cennen Castle by Nicola Rees

Storm Callum by Brian Parry

Farmer in the Towy Valley by Siwla Virago

One Sheep Follows Another by Adrian Fletcher